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Aurra Sing

Aurra Sing is a Near Human Bounty Hunter. She appeared in two Ambush Games. She was potrayed by CadBaneKiller in Hunting the Hunters, and Jedi Kim in Haters of the Jedi. She reannounces her role in The Rising Menace.


Hunting the HuntersEdit

In the Second Ambush Game, "Hunting the Hunters," Aurra was potrayed by CadBaneKiller. Aurra was immediately suspicious of her former teammate Shahan Alama. (Who was the Scum Murderor) She worked with Cad Bane and Turk Falso to kill him, but the hunters did not want to help them. After the murders of both Falso and Bane, the others finally had Shahan killed. Aurra then led the others to kill Sugi. And Tuuk Diin was killed after admitting to be a scum.

The Tale of OmegaEdit

Aurra will return in Potato's next game called The Tale of Omega. She is reserved for CBK, who won as her in Hunting the Hunters.

Haters of the JediEdit

In "Haters of the Jedi" Aurra Sing was potrayed by Jedi Kim. She was the Hater Sacrificer. Like all the others, she was tricked by Boba Fett, her former team mate. Boba betrayed them to the Jedi and his allies Sev and Maul sacrificed themselves for Fett to win. Fett reprogrammed Zwerves's Droids to kill him but Aurra sacrificed herself for him and destroyed the droids.

The Rising MenaceEdit


She returns on an act of revenge against the Republic. She wears her Assassin Outfit, along with a new set of weaponary to feed the Insurgents.

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