Jedi master Derrik Alther

Derrik Alther was a jedi master and later general during the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars he was appointed as leader of a squad of clones that went on a very important mission to the planet Zarbon.

Guardians of the RepublicEdit

Shortly after Derrik Alther was promoted to the jedi rank of master during the Clone Wars, the Separatists launched a major attack on several Republic outposts. After the attack was over, the Republic noticed that many of their key battle plans had been stolen. If the Separatists were to utilize these battle plans it could tip the scale of the war in favor of the Separatists. The Republic acted right away by sending several different clone squads to different planets in the outer rim. Master Alther was appointed to lead the clone squad on the planet Zarbon. After searching for days, Derrik and the clones had finally found and recovered the plans. But they still had to escape the planet. They quickly ran toward their escape ships realizing that the Separatists were pursuing them. They were almost certain that they had lost the droid army, but Derrik still ordered them to run. But they were soon ambushed by the droid army, lead by Count Dooku's newest assassin Vees Snappa. Realizing that their escape ships had been destroyed, Derrik ordered half of his men to run with the plans while the other half stayed with him and held off the droids. After the two groups were split up, Derrik and all the men that stayed prepared for battle. Many clones were shot down right away, dwindling their numbers. Derrik attacked Snappa right away because he knew he was the biggest threat. Although Snappa was skilled with a lightsaber, he was no match for the jedi master. Snappa then evened the odds by ordering his droids to shoot Derrik, which they did. He was severely weakened and was now barely able to fend off Snappa's attacks. He was soon dissarmed by the dark accolyte and stabbed in the back, resulting in his death

After DeathEdit

None of the clones survived the battle. The other clones with the plans, though, escaped into the forest. They were now trapped on Zarbon and had no idea how to get out, but that became the least of their conerns after they found out some troubling news...