Embo was a playable character that appeared in the Hunting the hunters game. He was played by Zinga and won the game.

Hunting the HuntersEdit

Embo was one of the best bounty hunters the galaxy had to

Embo with Spudlo

offer, so he was contacted by another great bounty hunter called Spudlo Tateroff for a mission. Embo, and ten other hunters, were to assist Spudlo in assassinating one of Check Moid's (the neimoidian client of Spudlo's) enemies. While the bounty hunters were in Spudlo's building preparing for the mission, Spuldo picked up a

Bane trying to kill Sugi

holographic conversation between two bounty hunters in his building saying that they're scum. Spudlo then knew that there were traitors in the group of ten hunters that wanted to get the money all for themselves. Spudlo then locked down the entire building and told the hunters that they must vote one hunter off for execution each day until all of the scum had been killed. Embo was

Bane preparing yo meet Check Moid

then determined to complete his mission. After the first day, Turk Falso, a loyalist, had been murdered. Makk Ang, another bounty hunter, arrived to the group late, allowing some people's suspicions of her rise. The next night, Cad Bane was killed. Embo then decided to do some searching for anything unusual. When Embo was on Makk's ship, he found a blaster that was the exact same one that the murderer used on Bane and Turk in the security footage. Embo remained suspicious of Makk for the rest of his time there. But, fortanetely for the loyalists, scum after scum fell until they were all dead. It turned out that the gun in Makk's ship was planted by the scum. Embo, Spudlo, and the rest of the survivors went on to complete Check Moid's mission. They then made millions of credits each, some of them never having to work again.

The Tale of OmegaEdit

Embo returned in Potato's next game called The Tale of Omega. He was killed on Night 2.

The Sith Temple GameEdit

Embo briefly appeared in the Sith Temple Game. He and many other Bounty Hunters were murdered by Darth Revan. Revan also used Embo's hat to escape Grievous.

Embo discussing with the Hunters