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Guardians of the Republic was the Sixth Ambush Game. It was the third game hosted by DarthPotato77.


The Republic in distress! After a major attack by the Separatists, some of the Republic's major battle plans have been stolen. In order to recover the plans, the Republic sends several different squads to different planets in the outer rim. Soon, the clone squad on the planet Zarbon recovers the plans, and now must cross through the planet's grassy terrain to reach their ships. But after a violent ambush and the destruction of their vehicles, the surviving clones are trapped on Zarbon and now must move fast as they are pursued by the droid army, lead by Dooku's newest assassin Vees Snappa. Believing that all hope is lost, the clones soon come across an old traveler who soon takes command of the squad. Not knowing if the traveler is friend or foe, he still offers the clones a way off the planet. But the most shocking event of all occurs when the old traveler announces that there are traitors among them, and that they'll stop at nothing until all of the loyal clones are dead and the plans fall back into Separatist hands. As they begin their epic journey to the ship that the old man speaks of, will the clones be able to find the traitors? And will they be able to escape the Separatist army as it closes in? The fate of the Republic lies in the balance.


The clone squad sent to the planet Zarbon has retrieved their major

The clones and droids face off while Derrik duels with Snappa

battle plans from the Separatists and are now making a speedy getaway. Even after they're sure that they've losted the the droid army and Vees Snappa, jedi master Derrik Alther still orders them to run. But then, suddenly, a blast comes from a hill, killing a clone. The blast came from the droid army lead by Snappa. Although the clones did not expect to be found, they prepared for the worse. Derrik then ordered half of his men to run with the plans while he and the other half held off the droids. Captain Hammer then became the leader of the squad and ordered the men to retreat to the forest. Derrik and the other half of the clones charged toward the Separatists, losing many clones along the way. Derrik clahed with Snappa immediately during the battle. Snappa did prove to be skilled with a lightsaber, but he was no match for Derrik. Determined to even the odds, Snappa ordered his droids to fire on Derrik. After

Snappa gains the upperhand in his duel against Derrik

taking several blaster shots to thd waist, Derrik collapsed to the ground but was still able to defend himself with his lightsaber. Snappa then viciously smashed his lightsaber into Derrik's in an attempt to disarm him. Derrik then took another shot to the back. The shock of this made him be easily disarmed by Snappa now. Snappa stabbed him in the back, killing him. As the smoke of the battle cleared, it was revealed that all of the clones were dead. Snappa ordered the droids to find the remaining clones with the plans. While their escape ships had been destroyed, Snappa warned the droids that there were still ways to get off of the planet. Meanwhile, Hammer continued to lead the surviving clones across the plains and to the forest. They soon reached the forest and were able to avoid the Separatists, for now at least.

Day 1- A Brotherhood Under SiegeEdit

One day had passed since the attack on the clone's squad and they all couldn't sleep. After a short break very early in the morning, Hammer ordered the men to continue on. They

The Xenfex corners the clones

soon made it out of the forests and crossed through a landscape of plains and hills. Then, suddenly, a large, reptilian creature, a Xenfex, came out from a bush and started hissing at the clones. Hammer and Fox prepared to shoot it when a growling sound was made from the distance, scaring the Xenfex off. The clones then discovered that it was an old man who scared it off. The old man had apparently been following them for the past day and knew everything that happened to them. In order to help, the old man offered to

Old Guy leads the clones across Zarbon's plains

lead the clones through Zarbon to an escape ship. He also announced that there were scum among them, triators that worked for the Separatists and gave their location away earlier, resulting in Master Derrik and other's deaths. The clones had a hard time deciding, but they decided to trust the old man, who prefered to be called Old Guy, in the end. He then lead them through Zarbon and told them to start discussing who they thought was scum, which they did. Towards the end of the days the clones camped out in another forest. By the actual end of the day, the clones had reached a conclusion to execute Captain Lock. Lock then bid farewell to Load, and was executed by Hammer, who was hesitant to do so. The clones then all went

Lock's body is burned by the campfire

to bed that night to get their rest.

Day 2- Welcome to Death WatchEdit

During the night, Comet was wondering the forest for a late night snack. He was followed by a figure in Mandalorian armor. The figure then used his jet pack to prepell himself into the air and drop an anvil on top of Comet. Comet was not able to say anything because of the shock and the fact that the anvil was

The Death Watch soldier prepares to kill Comet

crushing his lungs. The figure then aimed a gun at Comet and fired, welcoming him to Death Watch. It was later revealed in the morning that Lock was scum and Comet was a loyalist. Old Guy then told the clones to continue on their journey to the ship. As they moved on, they found an animal, a large bird creature, dead on the ground. It had one of the poisnous apples in its mouth so it obviously killed itself. But the clones didn't know why. They then followed its tracks to a small farm owned by two Zarbonians, Maria Vedge and her son Tato Vedge. After some deliberation, Maria decided to let Old Guy and the clones stay in one of the animal pens for the day as shelter. The clones continued to discuss who to vote off that day. By the end of the day though, they had decided on Rex. Right when Hammer was about to execute him, Tato interveaned. He said that they shouldn't execute their own brothers, but Hammer pulled the trigger, killing Rex.

Day 3- Sacrifices are MadeEdit

Hammer and Old Guy get the clones up early in the morning and leave the farm. They then thank Maria for her hospitality, but Tato doesn't say anything because of what the clones did the night before. The clones then

The battle between the Separatists, clones, and Sparker is about to begin

leave, but the Separatists are gaining on them. Snappa and the droids then find the farm. Snappa interogates Maria in order to find where the clones are, but gets nothing from her so he kills her. He then leaves the farm with the rest of the droids, leaving Tato all alone now. Meanwhile, the clones discover that the Death Watch soldier was actually Sparker. The droids, lead by Snappa, then arrive and a battle between the three groups begins. Splosive dies in the beginning of the battle and Gree later follows. A speeder, with another Death Watch soldier on it, then pulls up. Sparker tries to hop on but Cody blocks his way. Sparker defeats Cody in battle and shoots him in the chest several times, killing him. Sparker then escapes with the Death Watch soldier. The surviving five clones and Old Guy then retreat, barely escaping the droid's grasp. Old Guy then tells the clones to discuss again. By the time they were done discussing, the clones had decided to vote off Commander Wolffe. Right when they were about to prepare to execute him, they were attacked by a pair of commando droids. The clones and Old Guy all had to split up. The droids, though, went after Wolffe. Wolffe then tripped down a

Hammer executes Wolffe

hill, losing his blasters and helmet along the way. Right when the droids were about to shoot him, Hammer shot them down. Hammer then prepared to execute Wolffe. Wolffe interveaned, saying that he now got what Tato was saying earlier and that they shouldn't kill each other. But Hammer still fired. Old Guy then told the other s to find shelter for the night.

Day 4- Heroes FallEdit

It was revealed by Old Guy the next day that Wolffe was a loyalist. Hammer was

The surviving 4 clones, Old Guy, and Tato make their way through Zarbon's plains

crushed by this, him having to execute Wolffe, but the other clones still tried to cheer him up. Tato soon caught up with the clones after following them for an entire day. The surviving 4 clones, Old Guy, and Tato, then moved on through the plains, knowing that the ship was getting close. By the end of the day, they had all decided to execute Load. But when they were about to, he ran off. Not only that, but Tato was gone too.

Conlusion- True GuardiansEdit

By the time the clones and Old Guy caught up to Load, they discovered that

Old Guy duels Snappa

he met up with the droid army, lead by Snappa. They had also burned the escape ship. After Load ran away, Old Guy told the other clones to go after him, saying that he could handle himself. He then revealed that he was a jedi all along. After doing this, Old Guy began to duel with Snappa. Meanwhile, the clones got into a fist fight with Load. Load then ran up a hill and ate an apple, saying that killing them all would be as easy as eating the apple. But

The clones, Old Guy, and Tato watch the escape ship burn

the apple was one of the poisonous fruit, so Load died shortly after. Old Guy began to gain the upper hand in his duel against Snappa. Snappa then ordered his droids to shoot Old Guy, just like he did for them to shoot Derrik. But the remaining clones, Hammer, Fox, and Beserker, came into to stop the droids in time. Snappa was then shot in the waist by Tato, who had returned. Snappa collapsed to the ground and was then split in half by Beserker with his chainsaw. Hammer walked up to Snappa and executed him, saying that he didn't mind it. The clones, Old Guy, and Tato then went off to relax in the plains. Soon, a venator had arrived. Once it set foot on Zarbon, Old Guy was gone.

Old Guy says his goodbyes to the clones

Hammer, Fox, Beserker, and Tato all then boarded the ship and left to Coruscant.

Meanwhile, Sparker had reached the secret Death Watch base. He then gave the battle plans to Pre Vizsla, who planned to destroy the jedi and Republic with them.

In an unkown location in the galaxy, Dooku was talking to Darth Sidious. Sidious told him that once they got the battle plans they would trade them for something else. Dooku then asked what could be more important than the Republic's major battle plans, but Sidious just smiled as a  reply.


The next game of Potato's, a sequel to this one, will be called The Tale of Omega. It will tie together all three of his previous games together and will be the beginning of a trilogy.


Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Old Guy

Vees Snappa

Master Derrik Alther

Tato Vedge

Maria Vedge

Playable CharactersEdit

ARC Captain Hammer- Spider

Commander Wolffe- Ll

Commander Cody- Namialus

Commander Fox- Pinda

Commander Gree

Captain Rex- Kenobi

Captain Lock- CBK

Sergeant Sparker- Zinga

Beserker- Killagal

Comet- Cupcake

Load- Ivar


Player Statis
Player Time of Death How they Died Alliegance
Lock (CBK) Day 1 Voted off. Executed by Captain Hammer. Scum
Comet (Cupcake) Night 1 Crushed by an anvil and shot by a Death Watch soldier. Loyalist
Rex (Kenobi-Wan) Day 2 Voted off. Executed by Captain Hammer. Scum
Cody (Namialus) Day 3 Shot in the chest several times by a Death Watch soldier. Loyalist
Wolffe (Ll) Day 3 Voted off. Executed by Captain Hammer. Loyalist
Load (Ivar) Day 4 Voted off. Ate a poisonous apple. Scum
Sparker (Zinga) X XXX Death Watch Soldier
Beserker (Killagal) X XXX Loyalist
Fox (Pinda) X XXX Loyalist
Hammer (Spider) X XXX Loyalist


The entire game will take place on the grassy world of Zarbon. As the clone survivors and Old Guy make their way to an escape ship, they'll make their way through jungles, cliffs, and local farms.

Eaw Yavin4

The planet Zarbon


This game has many differences from the last games. For example, all of the higher ranked clones have their own base to discuss on and all of the lower ranked clones have a base. The scum base and regular discussion area are both still in this game. There will be new roles too, and maybe even a subplot somewhere in this game. How the murderer kills people will also be different from the previous games.

Other Tater GamesEdit

Despite not being connected to The Jedi Temple Game and Hunting the Hunters, both those games and this game were tied together in The Tale of Omega.


This game marks CBK's fifth game as being scum. He has been scum more than anyone else.

Convienently enough, Lock and Load both ended up as scum.

This was the first Ambush game that had a third group.

This was also the first Ambush game where players from two different sides won.

This is the third game Zinga has won. So far, she has only won Potato's games.

If the murderer, CBK, was not killed on the first day then all of his murder victims would have died at the beginning of Day 3.

SW78's fan made title poster

This game was originally supposed to start after Hunting the Hunters. But due to other people wanting to host, Potato post poned the game (then simply known as "The Clone Game") until later. It was then supposed to start after the third game, Pinda's Haters of the Jedi, but due to Spider wanting to host it was post poned again, along with Ivar hosting after Spider. It then finally began as the sixth Ambush Game.

This game started much longer than Potato has expected, but due to more of the recent games being more serious Potato tried that for this game, so he thinks waiting for this to start was actually good for the game.

All of the characters were prepared for the game long before it started. The character Old Guy was created shortly after Hunting the Hunters, so Potato's had his character made for a while now.

The Xen Fex was originally supposed to come back some time during the Conclusion of the game, but Potato never found a place for it. It will return in another one of his games, though...

Potato had planned for Load to die by eating the poisonous apple, the very apple his scum mentor Lock told him not to eat, ever since he first discovered them on Day 1.

Both ARF Troopers survived the game.

Old Guy's call that scared off the Xenfex was supposed to be a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi's Krayt Dragon cry that scared off the Tusken Raiders in A New Hope.

Days 3 and 4's titles (Sacrifices are Made and Heroes Fall) are meant to be a nod toward the speech at the beginning of the game.

More trivial and other information can be found at the Tater-Canon Appendices.