The Inspector role in action

The Inspector role is an important Power Role used in the Ambush Games. While it has not been used in every game, it is a very important role for the Loyalists. For their night action, the Inspector may choose to inspect one player to find out their affliction. They will not know the players exact role, but they will know if they're a loyalist or scum. But they must be cautious, the Scum Leader comes up as loyal if inspected and he can occasionally protect his teammates from inspection too.


The Inspectors so far are:

Mace Windu (Gamma)- Jedi Temple

Xen Far (Kenobi-Wan)- Hunting the Hunters

Darth Gandalf (Potato)- Sith Temple

Wiz-Man (Potato)- Rise of the Saboteurs

Revan (CBK)- The War on Middle-Earth

Beserker (Killa)- The Tale of Omega