The Janitor role in action

This page is about the role janitor. If you're looking for the janitor Pindus Zwervus click here.

The Janitor role is a manipulative role used in the Ambush Games. It has appeared in four games so far, but it is still influential. This is a scum role, and it can sometimes fool other players. For their night action, the Janitor can "Janitor up" the player that was just arrested or killed that day. If they do this, the player that they janitored will come up as Unknown the next day. Sometimes there will be consequences if the Janitor janitors someone. These consequences could effect their team in a negative way but it's up to the host what consequences there are. The Janitor also has a limited number of people they can janitor. It has been used in every even-numbered game.

Use in GamesEdit

Hunting the HuntersEdit

In the first game with this role, the second games, it was given to SuperSeaTurtle (Sugi). In this game, it had many complications that kept it from being used twice. After Gamma (Shahan Alama) was voted off on Day 3, Turtle activated the Janitor to keep people from voting for her, as she supported Gamma. Unfortunately for her, The Loyalists, led by CBK, saw through the ruse and voted her off as well as the final scum.

The Sith Temple GameEdit

The role was brought back in The Sith Temple Game, the fourth games. It was given to CadBaneKiller (Darth Revan). After Sith Master Potato (Gandalf) was voted off after a large struggle between him and the Jedi Master Namialus (Plagiues), many suspected Nam. Nam told CBK to janitor Potato, but unfortunately, CBK could not get on in time. Because of this, Nam was killed the next day, and the last jedi, LI, soon followed,

Guardians of the RepublicEdit

The role was used again in the sixth games, Guardians of the Republic. It was given to Master_Kenobi-Wan (Rex). He was killed before he could put it to good use.

The Enemy WithinEdit

The Janitor role finally demostrated how it could be put to good use in the eighth games. It was given to Spider-Wolffe_78. After SW tricked Namialus into voting off the loyal CadBaneKiller, Kim for unknown reason begged Nam to vote for PindaZwerver. After CBK was convicted, he was janitored by SW. This led Nam to believe Kim did it and led a vote for her. GammaSiera supported Kim, leading Nam to suspect him. After Kim was voted off, SW janitored her as well. This led Nam to lead a vote for Gamma. Unexpectedly, Gamma was revealed to be part of a third side, and killed SithKillagal99's character (Maie). In doing this, the Loyals were outnumbered. The Scum finally won as a whole side, thanks to the janitor role.