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Kaas Zwervus

Kaas Zwervus


52 BBY




57-19 BBY Janitor


Pindus Zwervus (brother)


Pindus Zwervus


Henk D'nar, Darts D'nar, Boba Fett, Jedi


Henk D'nar (57-32 BBY)

Darts D'nar (32-23 BBY)

Keeper Agruss (23-20 BBY)




Slave (57-23 BYY)

Janitor (23-20 BBY)

Jedihunter (20-19 BBY)

Kaas Zwerver was a Janitor and Brother of Pindus Zwerver. An alternate version of him appeared in The Desperate Quest.


Early live (52-23 BBY)Edit

Early years (52-51 BBY)Edit

Kaas was born into slavery on Zygeria. His parents were slaves of Gemene Martelaar the king of Zygeria at the time.

Murders on Zygeria (52 BBY)Edit

In 51 BBY Kaas' father Domme Zwervus succesfully killed king Gemene to make sure his sons would have a better live. Unfortunately slaver Henk D'nar killed Domme and his wife Afwas Middel and took Pindus and Kaas as his new slaves.

Slave of the Zygerians (54-23 BBY)Edit

The enslaved janitor (54-33 BBY)Edit

While Henk had sold Pindus to the Hutts he kept Kaas to clean his floor. He had found out the Zwervus family had a talent for it. That's why he had sold Pindus... he didn't need two of them.

A new master (32-23 BBY)Edit

In the winter of 33 BBY Henk D'nar was killed by slipping on a wet floor after ignoring Kaas' warnings about it. His son Darts D'nar became his new master and he treated Kaas even worse then Henk because he blamed the slave for his fathers death.

Hating the jedi (23-19)Edit

Cleaning Kadavo (23-20 BBY)Edit

When Pindus heard Zygerians had joined the separatists he demanded the release of his brother. He couldn't visit him himself because he was still working at the listenining post but because he once was a Separatist leader his demand was met: Kaas was free and the trade federation gave him a job at the enslavement camp on Kadavo. Were he worked for keeper Arguss. He enjoyed his time at the enslavement facility.

Destruction of the facility (20 BBY)Edit

One day Pindus was driving back from his work in his ship, the Stofzuiger, when he was listening to the Zygerian news channel heard about an attack on Kadavo. He got back to the facility as fast as he could but he couldn't even find it anymore. It had fallen down the hole it was build on. Kaas sworn that he would have his revenge on the people who did this!

Jedihunter (20-19 BBY)Edit

The next two years spent Kaas by hunting jedi. He made a lot of money and he could revenge the attack on the facility.

Reunited with Pindus (19 BBY)Edit

Coming soon...

Kaas finally found Pindus Zwervus in about 19 BBY.


Kaas was killed by Boba Fett on Serenno 9 BBY (10 ABM).