Kit Fisto 2

Kit Fisto in the Clone Wars.

Kit Fisto was a jedi master who, so far, has only appeared in the
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Kit Fisto

Jedi Temple Game and Rise of The Infiltrators. In Jedi Temple he was potrayed by Master Kenobi-Wan and died on Night 2. In Infiltrators he was portrayed by Echofisto.

Jedi Temple GameEdit

Kit Fisto awoke in the jedi temple one morning to a large explosion. He hurried down to the main hall with 6 other jedi immediately. Yoda was there waiting for them and announced that there were sith in the temple who wanted to kill all of the jedi. Yoda then told them that they had to vote off one jedi each day until all of the sith were gone. Kit was almost voted off on Day 1, but Mace Windu was arrested instead. Mace turned out to be a jedi, so the remaining 6 jedi knew that they had to do better. But no conviction was made on the second day, so the jedi went to sleep that night without having any chance of catching a sith. While Kit was preparing to sleep that night, a dark figure entered his room. The figure (Plo Koon) ignited a red lightsaber and beheaded Kit. Fisto had perished.

After DeathEdit

After Fisto died several others fell too, but both sith were arrested in the end.

Rise of The InfiltratorsEdit


Kit Fisto (Portrayed by EchoFisto)

Kit Fisto is a playable character in the 10th Ambush Games "Rise of The Infiltrators" were he is played by newcomer to the Ambush Games Echofisto. Kit Fisto wasn't a playable character at first but he is now due to a last minute reqeust by Echo.

Unfortunately the player didn't bother to show up and Kit Fisto was voted off on Day 5. He was Loyal. 

Rise of The RedemptionEdit

Kit Fisto also appears in Ivar's series "Rise of The Redemption" and will play a small role in Episode 1: "Rescue Mission" and Episode 2: "Into Deep Space" of Season 1 and will appear throughout the show as a Jedi Council Member. 


  • Kit Fisto was the only person to actually die in The Jedi Temple Game
  • Because he was the only person to die in The Jedi Temple Game, he's the first character to die in the Ambush Games.
  • Kit Fisto returned in Rise of The Infilrators. But at first he was supposed to only be a cameo, but after a reqeust by new player EchoFisto, he immediately became playable and a part of the larger story. Unfortunately the player never bothered to show up.