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The Mysterious Thing. Also called Kyr'am Verd.

"We need to call this Mysterious Thing something besides 'Mysterious Thing' about Kyr'am Verd?" - Zamora Firewing (SithKillagal99)

The Mystrious Thing (Also called Kyr'am Verd) Appears throughout the fifth Ambush Game: "Rise of the Saboteurs"


First AppearanceEdit

The Mysterious Thing, as it is mostly called since know one knows what it is, first appeared holding a Bazooka while standing on a mountain top. He blew up the remains of the spaceship "The Grey Bug" killing Crystal Diamond (JediKim2424) in the process. Clone Captain Phoenix (Ivar-Jedi) was the first to ever see it followed by Ravi-idej (Ivar-Jedi).

Unsuccesfully Killing Wiz-Man Edit

The Mysterious Thing struck again on the night of Day 2 - Harley's Bad Luck. The camp was vast asleep while Ravi, Phoenix and R9 stood guard, believing Kyr'am would appear again. What they did not know was Wiz-Man (DarthPotato77) left the camp to investigate the surroundings. During his walk back Kyr'am Verd sneaked upon him but was suprised and disarmed by Wiz's whip attack.
Day 2 – Night – Pic 12 – The Weapon

Kyr'am Verd trying to kill Folus Ratta (DarthPotato77)

Kyr'am headbutted Wiz-Man and tangled him up in his own whip. Out of nowhere the Thing got helped from an unknown ally and tried to kill Wiz-Man with the man's own spear. He got interrupted by a rescue team consisting of Dall Amuro (PindaZwerver) Flynn Dawes (CBK) Maria Feral (Zinga763) and Derek Shantaj (Jett-Kron) and made a run for it. Leaving Wiz-Man with a small crack in his skull, but allive.

Succesfully Killing Wiz-ManEdit

The Decapitation of Derek Shantaj Edit

The Choking of Maria Feral Edit

Final Appearance Edit

Day 6 - Salvation - Fall of Verd - Pic 16

Kyr'am Verd revealed as Pilot Siem Lint.


  • Verd was made up before the game entered production
  • The name "Kyr'am Verd" has all the credit to SithKillagal99
  • Ivar never planned, until filming the conclusion, about letting the game end with an open ending or Verd/Siem surviving
  • Verd was also the biggest flaw of the game. Ivar allowing JediKim2424 (who decided Verd's actions) to look at everyone's guide and always being able to kill them without protection.
  • Siem will from now on call himself Lord Kyr'am Verd
  • Kyr'am Verd is Mandoa.
  • Kyr'am Verd translates in Mandalorian to "Death Warrior".