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A conceptional picture of what the potato ghost may look like

The Magical Potato Ghost is truly a mystery. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he tresspassed in the sith temple, pretended to be Darth Gandalf, and everyone found him to be EXTREMELY irritating.

Sith TempleEdit

After the death of Darth Gandalf, the Magical Ghost Potato entered the sith temple. He then pretended to be the ghost of Gandalf, but now in potato form. The true Gandalf had in fact survived but hired the Magical Ghost Potato to impersonate him so Darth Sidious would not know Gandalf was alive and planned to kill the Sith as Magneto. He annoyed everyone, specifically the ones who voted for Gandalf, until voting time that day. Once voting time begun, he spontaneously combusted. But was this really the end of the Magical Ghost Potato? HA HA HA!!!!

The Halloween GameEdit

He returned again (what a surprise) in the Hallowee Game, being able to possess people and make them kill each other. Now he's jumping between cannons and ruining continuity! :O

Haters of the Jedi 3Edit

But things got worse! He also appeared in Haters of the Jedi! And once again ruined the canon of a game! This is getting scarier everytime. He even made a real in-game appearance and fought Pindus Zwervus and Boba Fett. He gave Pindus a Magical Sword and vanished... probably to plan another appearance in a future game... 


Well, was it the end? He may come back in the future, it's actually likely he will in The War on Middle Earth. I'm scared for my life now. O__o