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P1-ND4 was a droid owned by Kaas Zwervus.

P1-ND4 was an unplayable character in Haters of the jedi 2: Order 66.


P1-ND4 was a cleaner droid. During Haters of the Jedi II: Order 66 he served Pindus Zwervus and Kaas by cleaning away the bodies of the fallen haters. He sacrificed himself to save Pindus and Kaas when they were attacked by Grievous, causing both Grievous and P1-ND4 to be destroyed. P1-ND4 was later rebuild and chosen to replace Grievous as droid general. Ten days later the Separatists lost the war because P1-ND4 was an idiot.

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P1-ND4's sacrifice