PZ-15 was an assasin droid owned by Pindus Zwervus.


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Creation (22 BBY)Edit

In 22 BBY Pindus created PZ-15 and TV-11 from the remains of fallen droids of the Speratists at the Listening Post.

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The story creation of PZ-15 has been overwritten. Since he appeared in Servus Kone's background story years before his original creation.

Haters of the Jedi (21 BBY)Edit

Search for the Haters

Pindus ordered both of his assasin droids to search the galaxy for the most dangerous Jedi-Hating life forms in the galaxy.

Hunting the SpiesEdit

When the group the droids had found had gathered they soon found out some of them were spies of the jedi. They had to take those spies out before they took out them.


On one night Darth Maul started to sneak to Bane's room to murder him. But he knew Bane was prepared so his plan was to sacrifice himself to give Boba an advantage. Before he did that he stunned PZ-15 and TV-11 with the force and reprogramed them to kill Pindus during the next night.

Assasination AttemptEdit

During the next night Aurra was worrying that the spies might attack Pindus. So she went to warn him. But exactly at that moment the reprogrammed assasin droids were ordered to kill Pindus. Aurra saved Pindus by pushing him away and defeating the droids but PZ-15 wasn't totaly defeated and he shot Aurra. But soon after Pindus shot him. Aurra died and TV-11 was totaly destroyed but PZ-15 managed to repair himself.

Hat shop (20 BBY)Edit

  • PZ-15 as a mandelorian deathwatch
  • PZ-15 as Sev
  • PZ-15 as Pindus Zwervus
  • PZ-15 as Cad Bane
  • PZ-15 as snowtrooper
  • PZ-15 as Captain Hersenloos
  • PZ-15 as Clonetrooper
  • PZ-15 as jedi master Harrrigg
  • PZ-15 as Yoda
After PZ-15 repaired himself, he left the Bezem while Pindus attacked the Jedi Temple. Later on PZ-15 started a hat shop down in the Coruscant Underworld. He sold cowboy hats, Mandalorian helms, and clone helmets. He even sold janitor caps for Pindus. During his time at the shop PZ-15 learned to disguise himself very well... but he was only good at disguising his head. (Picture Right --->)

Haters of the Jedi 2: Order 66 (19 BBY)Edit

One day Kaas Zwervus contacted him and asked him to join him on his search for Pindus. PZ-15 accepted and together they found the damaged janitor. They both promised to help him with his revenge on Boba and the Jedi.


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