The protector role in action

The Protector role is a very important Power Role used in the Ambush games. This and the Murderer role are the only two roles that have been used in every game so far. This role, so far, has always been given to a loyalist. If you're the protector you're night action will be to protect one person from murder. If the Murderer tries to kill the person the Protector protects, then the murder attempt will fail. Since the Protector doesn't know who's on his side, he could always protect a member of the scum without knowing.


The Protectors so far are:

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Siblings)- Jedi Temple

Bossk (Boomer)- Hunting the Hunters

Nuvo Vindi (Namialus)- Haters of the Jedi

Asajj Ventress (SithKillagal)- Sith Temple

Fire Skeleton (Namialus)- Rise of the Sabetours

Commander Wolffe (Ll)- Guardians of the Republic