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Spudlo's building on Coruscant

Spudlo's building was his personal quarters where he rested and lived. The building itself was located in Coruscant, and was over ten stories tall. Spudlo was able to afford such a large building because he was a very skilled bounty hunter, thus allowing him to make lots of money. The building has many rooms inside it. Even Spudlo can't remember all of the rooms in his building.

Hunting the HuntersEdit

After the Neimoidian Check Moid hired Spudlo for a very important mission, Spudlo knew he couldn't do it alone. He hired eleven of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy to help him with the mission, but there was a problem, some of the bounty hunters were traitors. During this inccident, Spudlo locked the building down so no one would leave. Many deaths also occured here, making the place smell like dead bodies for days. After all of the scum were found, Spudlo and the survivors went off to complete the mission. They were payed millions of credits each, so Spudlo decided to make his building gold. Spudlo still lives in his solid gold building and rarely works for anyone now.

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Spudlo's building made of solid gold