Suicider was a loyal role created by PindaZwerver and first used in his haters of the jedi game.

The Suicider role in action

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Suicider in action


Normal use

If the assasin tried to kill the suicider both they would both die. This way the assasin had to be really carefull when trying to kill someone. Because a mistake could mean he had to leave the game.

Protected useEdit

If the protector did choose to protect the suicider and the assasin chose to kill him the assasin would die and the suicider would stay alive. This was suposed to happen in Stranded on Trazibar, but didn't.

Use in gamesEdit

Haters of the jedi In the haters of the jedi game Cad Bane (Zinga) did get the suicider role. During the second night of the game Darth Maul (CadBaneKiller) tried to kill Cad Bane resulting in the death of both players. This was the first time two people died during the night.

Sith templeEdit

In the Sith temple game, Savage Opress (Darksiderules) got the role of suicider (renamed to bomber by Spider). No one attacked him during the night so he didn't get to use his role.

  • Haters of the Jedi - Darth Maul (CadBaneKiller )
  • The Sith Temple Game - Renamed to bomber- Savage Opress (Darksiderules)
  • Rise of the Infiltrators -  The Fire Skeleton (Darth Namialus)
  • Rise of the Jedi Knight-  The Fire Skeleton (Darth Namialus)
  • Stranded on Trazibar- Ahsoka Tano (Darth Namialus)