The Planet of Despair

11. The Planet of Despair

The Planet of Despair

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10 - The Search For Bigshield

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12 - The Tombs of Old

The Planet of Despair is the 11th episode of Ivar-Jedi's "Rise of The Redemption" series and the first episode of Season 2.

It aired on July 15, 2015 and officialy began Season 2's run of the show. It had 197 pictures and is by far the longest episode so far. It was met with (...) reception. To watch the FULL EPISODE click  on the Flickr link right here:


During a heated debate wether Mourndria should join the Republic or the Separatists Ravi and the Redemption Crew get thrown into a mission to save the sick ones. A mission that might bring despair to the whole planet or Ravi personally...

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  • Ravi-Idej
  • The Fire Skeleton
  • Cyborg
  • Darren Ratta (Wiz-Man 2.0) 
  • Cameron Darkrider
  • Natalie Shaw
  • Zorrus Blake
  • Bogore Harris
  • Daniel Flox
  • Nalyal Dagget
  • Talia Tate
  • Avery Thorston
  • Fierce
  • The Sickmaker
  • Zhan Fray
  • Cilnogg
  • Leader of Mourndria
  • Old Man
  • Medic
  • Battle Droids


  • The Redemption
  • Mourndria
  • Underground Laboratory
  • Communications Tower
  • Jedi Temple Memorial Gardens